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Welcome travel fans, coffee freaks, cycling geeks, and garden peeps! I’m Susan, the creator of Beans, Bikes and Blooms, a lifestyle site blending captivating destinations, two-wheeled adventure, botanical oases, and pristine ecosystems, and the most buzzworthy coffee shops and roasteries.

Join me as we embark on a quest to unveil the extraordinary, providing you with carefully selected recommendations and valuable insights for an unforgettable travel experience. Get ready to pedal, sip, and discover with Beans, Bikes, and Blooms!

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Unless you’re a coffee-buyer or a professional cupper (taster), your travel plans might not typically revolve around coffee. Yet, when you’re exploring new destinations, you might have that urge to unearth the city’s most exceptional coffee joints.

Perhaps you’ve heard whispers about an eccentric, caffeine-infused creation that’s making waves at a local coffee shop, and it’s become a must-try during your visit.

Well, Beans, Bikes, and Blooms is your guide to those rare, coffee spots that craft liquid nirvana and where master roasters meticulously transform raw coffee beans into a symphony of flavor.

Let us show you where to dive into the world of coffee flights or embrace the captivating aromas of cupping sessions.

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About Susan

Hi!! I’m Susan. I’m glad you’re here!

I like travel, dirt…and coffee! (Not necessarily in that order)

I’m an avid gardener and love to visit gardens of all kinds when travelling. I live in southern New Jersey with my husband Bill. We live in a 1980s contemporary that sits on 2-1/2 wooded acres. This is where I have my floral and vegetable gardens. 

We share our little slice of heaven with our rescue pets: 4 cats 🐈‍⬛(Abby, Cheetoh, Cosmo, and Syd) as well as our dog Nola 🐕 and the latest addition, our pup, Dax. 

At 55, I decided to take up mountain biking. Because, doesn’t everyone?? Lol. I fell in love! I ride a Trek Fuel EX 5 🚲. I am by no means a pro. But I love getting out on my local trails. I also travel with my bicycle which allows me to experience new terrains, hone new skills and see sites that I might otherwise miss.

And then there’s coffee. I’m not sure whether to call myself a coffee connoisseur or a caffeine whore 😂. I have every coffee-making device imaginable, I love to visit independent coffee shops and roasteries when I’m on the road. But when I’m home I admit that I sacrifice exotic blends for what’s available😒. 


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